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What A Day to Remember!

May 11, 2024

Venue: A Room With A View, Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

Introducing the Hardriguez! Victor & Scott

Imagine a day filled with your best dreams, your favorite people and favorite things. A day so full of everything good, you can’t imagine another day every coming close to this one. Than you realize this person sharing this amazing day is your person forever after! What a dream true come kind of day!

That’s exactly the day I’m going to tell you about. Words cannot describe the love and energy that surrounded this day. I have never felt so proud and honored to be part of something. They pulled me right in and made me feel like family!

Scott & Victor picked such a unique and historic space to host this day. The beautiful brick building, the story surrounding it, the car museum in the lobby, all so rich in history! All of it setting the scene for their day!

Inside the building what was waiting? So many unique features and signature touches that were unique and special to these two men. From the shirts that came from Mexico, to the the grass wall, the beautiful baskets on each table holding seed paper bookmarks, crystals and herbs, to their handmade lovely seating chart! All of it representing something personal and special to them. This day had their signature on each piece and the room was so full of spirit, energy and love for these two amazing men!

Surrounded by family and friends, (and lets not forget Luna and Colt their beloved fur babies..who also had signature cocktails) these two became joined together forever! They combined their rich cultures and lives, and have added so much love to each others families.

And in the background to all of this was the beautiful Nashville skyline, standing witness to their amazing wedding day!

Photos Courtesy of Stewart & Barnes Photo, Co LLC

June 30, 2024

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