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Hello World!!

Hi, I’m Kate , the owner of A Touch of Whimsi Weddings! I started planning events in 2008, when my amazing daughter Sarah was born! She is pretty much my inspiration in life! I am a mother of 4, and they are truly my life, along with my grandchildren and amazing husband! Family is everything to me! But my passion for planning was really discovered by planning my little girls (she’s not so little anymore) parties.

My favorite one of her parties was her 3rd birthday and we did Princess and the Frog with a Mardi Gras adult theme! After that everyone asked me to help with their events and than I got asked to do a wedding!! That was it!! My passion was ignited and I realized they were my jam!!! I had always loved to plan and make list after list, and I had tons of wedding magazines… so now it all made sense. So the romantic in me kicked in!!!

I truly feel this is my calling, and it makes me so happy when I can make a couple has as beautiful a day to them, as my wedding was to me! My wedding was an amazing masquerade… and than a roaring 20’s renewal 4 years later!! Maybe you’ll hear about those later!! I hope you check back from time to time for stories, tips for DIY decor, things can we create for centerpieces and silk floral, and to see some of my amazing weddings! Until than “Happy Planning!!!